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Steel Structure Fabrication in Qatar

Posted on 22 August 2016

Comilla has expanded into the fabrication and installation of structural steel for the building construction industry. Already comilla enjoy a reputation for producing accurately fabricated members which are so necessary for the efficient on-site installation of steel work. Fabrication is the process used to manufacture steel work components that will, when assembled and joined, form a complete frame. The frame generally uses readily available standard sections that are purchased from the steelmaker or steel stockholder, together with such items as protective coatings and bolts from other specialist suppliers. Although a wide range of section shapes and sizes are produced, the designer may find that the required section size is not available. The fact that machinery has taken over from the tape measure means that the frame is produced to high quality standards which are reflected in the speed and accuracy of steel erection on site. This results in significant benefits both to the client and main contractor.

Structural Steel involves the procedures of Design for economic fabrication. There are a number of general "technical" factors to consider in terms of design for economic fabrication that applies to most building projects. Some relate to the complexity of the particular project, whilst others are specific to the type of project, e.g. multi-storey, portals, trusses. Specification of the project, the size of the project and its complexity. Materials and components ,Architectural influence ,quality of engineering and documentation ,sections and plates & Bolts, Proprietary products, Coating systems, Cold-formed sections this is important that the steel work specification (and accompanying drawings) for a project should express clearly the particular requirements for a structure and, where standards allow options and alternatives, which additional requirements apply. Failure in clarity will lead to extra provisions for risk and extra costs in resolving queries. The project specification should also avoid over-specification - requiring unnecessary quality and excessively tight tolerances will lead to higher costs.

Fabrication preparation advances in quality and productivity in the steel structures.

Preparation of Stockyard with Shot blasting facility.
Cutting & drilling, Gas or flame cutting Plasma cutting
Drilling and punching,
Bending, Section bending, Plate bending, Tube bending
Press breaking
Tee splitting
Profiling of tubular sections


Manual Metal Arc welding (MMA):
The molten weld pool is protected from atmospheric oxidation by a gas shield

Metal Active Gas welding (MAG):
Protection of the weld is provided by slag, formed by the action of the arc on a powder covering the whole weld reaction area.

The application of paint coatings or hot dip galvanizing to the stee lwork is carried out (if required) at the end of the fabrication process

Comilla will assess the design to determine how best to undertake the fabrication to control dimensions and achieve the required accuracy of steel fabrication to ensure proper fit-up and assembly at site.

Handling and transportation
Comilla is well experience in Handling and transportation Normal loads, Abnormal loads, Quality management, Steel Construction Certification Scheme, Quality Management System Certification (QM),Environmental Management System Certification (EM),Steel Construction Sustainability Charter, Health and safety ,Resources &References.