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Parking Shades Qatar

Posted on 12 November 2016

Comilla construction & Services Co offer services installation and fabrication of Architectural Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, Car Park Cantilever Shades, Hanging Shades, School Shades, Park Shades, Resort Shades, Hotel Shades, Mall Shades, Factory Tank Shades, Industrial Shades, Machinery Shades, Shelter Shades Doom Shades and all kinds of fabricated by PVC, knitted Shade Cloth, Laminated knitted Shade Cloth (waterproof), PTFE PVC HDPE.

Comilla Construction & services Co offer the services of shades that are perfect for parking applications, including car parking shades. Made of breathable cloth, there are options for virtually every size parking structure.

Why Shade Your Parking?
Protects property: our shade structures provide up to 97% UV protection from the sun. Shaded parking extends the life of automobiles and other property . The internal temperature of a vehicle parked under Comilla Shade Structures is up to 116 degrees cooler than a vehicle parked in the open sun.

Saves energy: shaded parking areas reduce the amount of energy needed to cool people and property.

Reduces urban heat island effect:
Fabric shade structures mimic the natural shade created by vegetation. The breathable fabric allows air to flow freely, naturally lowering the ambient temperature of the shade structure by up to 20 degrees.

Unique designs: shaded parking structures are custom designed to fit your business needs.

Increases store traffic: Comilla Shade Structures will set you apart and make you a destination

Prevents injury: Heat related injuries from cars parked in the sun are at an all-time high. Burn prevention and reducing the risk of overheating can be solved by offering shaded parking.

Studies show that the use of shaded parking in hot weather can reduce noxious emissions by up to a ton a day for a municipality. While cars sit in the sun, gasoline evaporates from fuel tanks and worn hoses. These evaporated materials are the principle components of smog. In 1999, the United States Forest Service and the University of California at Davis completed a pilot study to measure the difference in parking lot microclimate and parked vehicle emissions resulting from the presence or absence of shade tree cover. Results indicate that shade tree cover in parking lots reduces motor-vehicle hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide emissions from cars parked in these lots. In this study, conducted in Sacramento, California, interior vehicle temperatures averaged 45ºF cooler in the tree-shaded vehicle when compared with temperatures inside unshaded vehicles. Increasing parking lot canopy cover from 8% to 50% would reduce total vehicle-generated hydrocarbon emissions by two percent and nitrogen oxide emissions by just under 1% in similar climates.

Comilla Construction & Services Co offer a broad range of shade structures in a variety of shapes and sizes. Comilla Construction & Services Co shade structures provide safe, and durable UV protection. Standard shade structures, canopies, umbrellas, tents, and sun shelters can be interconnected, or otherwise customized, to expand outdoor shade coverage of your pool, patio, parking lot, or school playground.