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MEP Contractor in Qatar

Posted on 12 November 2016

Comilla Construction & Services Co has a history and proved that a project that has been pre coordinated beforehand has a greater chance of making a budget and finish dates, as much as 30% faster construction of the trades. With the benefit of 3D drafting and clash detection programs that are readily available to sub contractors it is possible to draw, elevate, and coordinate the MEP trades before construction, allowing for pre-fabrication that guarantees a speedy installation if done correctly.

So, what could go wrong and how will it affect your schedule? The trend for general contractors has been to allow the Mechanical contractor to lead the MEP coordination process and grants extra money in his contract for doing so. I hear it all the time “he's got to be in the meetings anyway and it's cheaper than hiring an outside source to head up the coordination.” Cheaper, true, but you are going to pay for it somewhere.

What do you get for your money? Typically, the Mechanical Contractor will hire a person who is proficient in Auto CAD to draft up the building steel and slabs. Most have never worked in the trades nor have construction knowledge other than Auto CAD. Each trade will draft up their perspective discipline that will be installed into the ceiling or ground. The trades will all be inserted into the model and clash detection will be run showing all conflicts which will be worked out at regularly scheduled meetings. Each trade will agree on who goes where and you have a coordinated building right? Not so fast.

Would you let the plumber do the drywall or let the concrete sub do the painting? Sure, it can get done, but it will take longer and in construction, time is money. There will probably be a good chance that it will have to be redone and someone has to pay for it. Guess who? How many others will it affect? How will it impact the schedule?Comilla is someone with high standards and demands that from the coordination team. Look for someone who has your best interest in mind.

The point is we need to do things differently now and think outside of the box. That's the only way we will survive in this economy.